Amazing Oils - Magnesium Pro Spray 125ml

Amazing Oils - Magnesium Pro Spray 125ml

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Amazing Oils Magnesium!

This spray has been specifically formulated using pharmaceutical grade Magnesium Chloride. This pain relief spray was reverse engineered, lab tested and has a new trigger spray for easy application. 

Spray and rub into sore/tight muscles and joints.

Some of the many benefits of this spray include:

-the frequency and intensity of migraine and tension headaches

-cravings (related to stress, nervous tensions etc)

-joint discomfort/pain/ache associated with mild arthritis/osteoarthritis

-the symptoms of mild nerve pain

-inflammation in the body 

-muscle cramping where dietary magnesium is insufficient

Helping to relieve:

-dry/scaly/crusty skin associated  with mild eczema/dermatitis 

-restless sleep

-nappy rash

-mild leg cramps & mild leg spasms

Helping to promote & maintain:

-healthy bone mass/density

-muscle strength to support mild arthritic joints

-healthy emotional/mood balance and general mental wellbeing

-sleep quality

-healthy growth and development

Made in Australia. 100% Natural. Never tested on animals.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.