Customised face mask DRY SKIN

Customised face mask DRY SKIN


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Juice Shot 05 Berry EFA's : Restores powerful lipids and repairs barrier function

Juice Shot 01 Vitamin C : Firms and brightens

Juice Shot 02 Cherry Blossom : Powerful antioxidant

Juice Shot 10 Fucogel : Moisture magnet that increases hydration in skin


MASK BASE PROFILE: Avocado oil and plant butters are blended together to create the perfect mask base

KEY INGREDIENTS : AVOCADO Hydrating Plant Sterols SHEA BUTTER Nourishing Plant Sterols BEESWAX Hydrating Lipids COCOA BUTTER Restorative Plant Sterols WHITE CLAY Detoxifying Minerals MANGO BUTTER Protective Plant Sterols

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