Nail pack - soak off for gel

Nail pack - soak off for gel

Skinfit Body & Beauty

  • $20.00

Soak off your old feel polish and nourish your nails. Pack includes:

- nail wraps


-cuticle pusher

-nail file


-cotton pads

- CND Solar oil

Tips for use:

* buff your gel polish to remove the shine using the buffing block. 

* Place acetone on the white fibre on the middle of the foil.

* Ensure the white acetone soaked fibre is on the Polish, then wrap the finger tip with the foil wrap. Twist the top of the foil to secure it onto the nail. 

* Leave soak for 10-15 minutes. This will depend on the gel polish that had been used. CND Shellac Polish will remove much easier than other brands. Add a warm face washer over the foil to help the dissolving process.

* When the gel has dissolved it will start looking from the nail. Take the cuticle stick and scrap the Polish. You can re-soak if needed. 

* Once removed, lightly buff the nail with the block. 

* Massage the CND Solar oil into the nail and cuticles. 

* We recommend perfect paws hand cream to nourish and promote healthy nail growth and strength.