Skin sponge - cleansing sponge


  • $12.90

Fresh clean feeling skin is a given when you use this natural skin cleansing sponge. Biodegradable, natural and easy to use. Made from Chinese potato Konjac fibres. 

With five different infusions to compliment your skin's needs and concerns. 

The skin sponge comes with a string to hang it on and allow it to dry out between uses. 

The packaging doubles as your travel pouch with a press lock top. 

Choose from:

Green tea



Loess clay


How to use and care for your Skin Sponge:

Your Skin Sponge will be in its dry form when you receive it.

Before use, soak your Skin Sponge in warm water until completely immersed. No product is required to be applied to your Skin Sponge. You can cleanse before using your Skin Sponge.  Massage your Skin Sponge in circular motions onto your skin, paying specific attention to any problematic areas. 

Once finished using your Skin Sponge, rinse under warm water and gently squeeze out any excess dirt and oils.  It is important you do this carefully as you do not want to cause any tearing of the delicate Sponge fibres. Allow your Skin Sponge to dry in a well ventilated airy area to allow to dry between uses.

The Skin Sponge has no additives or nasties so the better care you take of your Sponge the longer it will last. Our Skin Sponges will last from 4+ weeks and longer if cared for correctly. Once your Skin Sponge begins to completely breakdown and biodegrade, it’s time for a new one. Just pop it into the compost or bury it in your garden bed.


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