Stay Put Eye Prime

Stay Put Eye Prime


  • $36.00

Stay Put Eye Prime is designed not only to create the perfect canvas for eye makeup and keep it looking fresh for longer, but also to hydrate and nourish the eye area. The weightless formula uses Jojoba oil, very similar to the natural oil found in your skin which will keep the delicate eyelid skin soft, supple and moisturised, while Carnauba Wax provides an effective base for your make up.

Stay Put Eye Prime flawlessly glides onto the skin, creating the perfect base for makeup. It extends the wear of eye shadow, prevents creasing and allows eye shadow colours to be even more intense and true in colour all day! It has been created in one universal shade that suits all skin tones

Application: To use, simply pat gently around the eye area with your fingertips or apply a small amount to the under eye area using a concealer brush. Allow it to dry before applying eye makeup

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