Ultimate Feet Treat Gift Pack

Ultimate Feet Treat Gift Pack

Skinfit Body & Beauty

  • $24.95

Set up the self-heating paraffin foot pack. Please read the instructions carefully as it is hot. Whilst the paraffin foot pack is heating, prepare your feet. 

Polish off the dead skin with the Pure Fiji coconut sugar rub paying close attention to the dry areas of the feet. Add water to your fingertips to melt the sugar crystalsHot towel off the residue, then massage in the  the Pure Fiji coconut oil. 

Test the paraffin foot temperature then place your feet into the booties. Squeeze the paraffin around your feet and leave on until the paraffin has fully cooled down and hardened. The oil you have massaged into your feet will be absorbed leaving your feet soft and hydrated. 

Remove your feet and dispose of the paraffin booties. 

We will package and deliver to you or you Mum in the Warrnambool area for FREE xx

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